"The Drophead"

300zx bronze

And here's my latest Z. Officially Cocoa Bronze Metallic Convertible NA Manual. This colour / trim version was the one used on the launch US brochure. Rolled off the production line in November 1992 for the Japanese Domestic Market. Lived in Yorkshire for most of its life. Then auctioned and subsequently made its way to Pistonheads.

After escaping the commuter grind of the M25, M40 and A40 (Brent? What an awful place. And then Woking. Sheesh. HG Wells had the right idea) for an island, I thought my dodgy left leg could cope with a manual. Then my better half got a convertible and I got jealous. MG Midget? Nice but not a daily driver. Mazda MX-5? Didn't fit. Ditto MG TF. Boxster? Right size, drives like a sports car but a little skittish - even joined the forum. Then I browsed Pistonheads while preparing the ad for my Silver S6 ...

Joined my Zed family tree just almost exactly 20 years after I bought my first one. That's one way to celebrate the anniversary!

The only thing is the name. "Convertible" is fine but a bit long. A common abbr is "vert" but that's just horrid. "Hoody"? Bit yoof. "Soft-top": better. "Drophead": ah, that's it. Traditional and with a touch of "Jeeves, prepare The Drophead for my trip to Nice Casino".

Convertibles are a bit rare so I'm going to try and post links to resources I find.