Of course, you can't just take a newly imported car from the seller and start driving it. There are legal and preparation and cosmetic things. Here's a few of my list. I'm known for wanting to keep Zs as stock as possible - well, someone's got to - but there are temptations. For some of those, I follow Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills's advice*

Things on the List

  • cubbyhole with sprung lid, bought off eBay in June, should get felt interior and fitted next time I get the stereo out to solve the 12v missing feed.
  • solve the missing 12v feed
  • install the subwoofer
  • paintwork detail and protection.
  • install Pure Highway DAB properly, test aerial from dabonwheels.
  • do permanent mount for mobile instead of vent clip.
  • decide what to do about the ECUTalk / Consult stuff - can it be permanently mounted?
  • transfer registration mark and put on legal import size plates from Craigsplates.
  • mph stickers for the speedometer
  • bling up the bulbs

June 2011 Waxoyl and Underseal

May 2011

Southern Car Security: Thatcham Cat 1 alarm, remote. Miguel did my Blue Zed before and has experience of Zeds and Skylines.

  • Zedworld - well known and respected Zed experts
  • prepare for MOT
  • HID headlights
  • clear wing repeaters
  • Autobox fluid cooler
  • install AutoResto (zedwizz) LED Rear Fogs and Reverse Lights
  • cambelt, water pump, lower cover
  • fluids and filters
  • front and rear pads
  • fit new window trims I had left over
  • extra power socket
  • fit number plates

Register at DVLA. Not too bad, just make sure you've got all the right paperwork, fill in the right forms and a few days later the registration number arrives followed by the V5C. The only slight pain was insuring the car as this needed to be done on the chassis number before it could be registered and then changed to the reg number when it arrived. Also I was lucky as the MOT centre was next to Zedworld and Zedworld have trade plates. If I'd been doing it myself, would have had to insure it to drive it to the (pre-booked) MOT. But Livingstones Warman sorted that out with minimum hassle - also sorted insuring both cars temporarily, organising new policy when needed and generally being helpful.

Get delivered from Northern Ireland to Zedworld by Eamon & Mary McLaughlin Car Transport who specialise in this sort of thing. If you've got a car you need transported to/from UK, Ireland or Continental Europe, they're just the job..

"The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it."