There is an urban myth that Japanese cars rust faster than UK cars because Japanese cars aren't undersealed, because Japan doesn't use salt on it's roads in the winter, because - well, invent your own reason. I haven't checked any UK cars and don't have the evidence either way. It's just something that "everyone knows".

All I know is that neither my Silver 1990 Series 1 nor my Blue 1993 Series 3 were affected by rust to any noticeable extent.

However, when I bought the Silver 1999 Series 6, it had such low mileage (less than 19,000 miles) and was in such good condition, I decided to protect it as much as possible. I didn't buy it to polish it and bring it out once a month in the summer, I bought it to get to work every day and so thought it was worthwhile to invest in as much preventative stuff as possible. After all, this might be the last Zed I ever buy and it would be nice to still have it in 10 year's time...

Waxoyl and Underseal

First step was to waxoyl and underseal. Bit of googling led to somewhere that claimed to be the only place licenced by Waxoyl to use the professional stuff. Whether true or not, I have no idea but they seem to have good references, have done a 350Z GT and are just a few miles north of where I work so off to Rustmaster in Hatfield I toddled. Here are the pics.

There's been a bit of overspray which needs attention with white spirit but nothing too bad. Was it worth it? I'll tell you in 10 years time. But it doesn't half give me a small sense of security.

Next step is paint detail and protection.