From the very last year of production, it's a Version S Series 6 NA Auto 2+2 built in April 1999. First registered in UK by me May 2011. Sold Aug 19 after 90,000 miles. A great daily driver. Coped uncomplainingly with the miles I did up and down the counrty installing rural broadband solutions. Helped me put up with the awful North London commute followed by exile to Woking.

The NA Auto is a consummate mile-eater and cruiser to get to these far-flung places and has enough oomph and handling to enjoy the country roads when you get there. As you can tell, since I've now done over a quarter of a million miles in Zs, I'm very fond of them in all their variations - and the next chapter is The Drophead.

Z3 at Zedworld

Thanks Sudesh, thanks Gary, thanks Zedworld and thanks MJP Auto.