I still can't work out why Nissan made so many changes to the last year of production of the 300ZX Z32. The official Press Release lists obvious things like:

  • new bumper
  • new rear lights
  • HIDs (on turbo models)
  • uv resistant and water repellent glass

And from the brochure, you can see seat variations, stereo options and so on.

But there are also major engineering items like:

  • increased body stiffness
  • thicker structural members
  • larger transmission tunnel
  • new brake cylinder / booster system
  • dedicated suspension "with sporty tuning"

None of this can have been cheap to do but their investment and effort only went into one year's production of something like a thousand cars. Why bother? I doubt it was a financial sucess. But on the other hand, I'm glad they did because I've got one.

There's another list here with a few photos missing but it does do a good comparison between the models and also the markets.

What I've noticed on mine is:

  • Window switches different
  • light gold clocks with red rear number illumination
  • warning lights have moved from panels below clocks to being in clock panel
  • Version S Red patterened seat fabric
    • not electric seats
  • airbag in steering wheel
  • brakes definitely better
  • door mirror mounts are body coloured
  • 1999 front bumper (naturally)
  • smoked front indicators
  • orange rear bumper reflector
  • boot carpet back to thicker sound deadener of S1 compared to S3

Pics may come in time.