The Respray

In August 2003, a git called Laurie Trevor Wynne Jones scraped his Merc van and trailer down the right side of my Zed. And then he lied about his insurance. But my insurance company called in the solicitors and we won. At big bodyshop rates, the bill was too big so they wrote her off. But it was the right category so I bought it back and took her to a club specialist: Gary Bellamy Vehicles. After all, I didn't want to lose all the mechanical work that had been done and then start all over again with another Z.

GBV fitted the new front wing and rear quarter plus a whole load of other stuff like 99-spec rear lights, UK number plate etc which had been on the wish list for some time. And a full respray. So, all in all, it could have been worse!

And here she is in all her shiny new paint on the lovely sunny day in October 2003 when I picked her up. Thanks Gary and thanks MJP for the recommendation.

Lincolnshire's finest!
Hooray! (And that's Gary's wife's Z behind mine.)