Appearances in the Media

My Zed's been famous for 15 minutes!

I really should have got these articles posted up when they happened. But better late than never and you never know, it might help sell the old girl. Her minutes of glory (especially being faster than J Clarkson) should be properly recorded in any case.

Practical Classics - June 2005
Jeremy Clarkson - Hot Metal DVD - Aug 2004
DVD Cover
DVD Contents
The Clip: 300ZX beats JC
ZClub Mag article
(hallo, John)
ZClub Magazine - Autumn 2003
ZClub Mag Front cover Autumn 2003 ZClub Mag article page 1 ZClub Mag article page 2 ZClub Mag article page 3
Evo Magazine - November 2002
Evo mag picture Evo mag article page 1 Evo mag article page 2 Evo mag article page 3

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