RIP Silver Machine (sniff)

Oh no, Not again.

She was sold to a nice guy (Zairs) from the 300zx forum and he turned up with family/friends to pick her up. I lost track of the forum for a year or so and then logged back in in Spring 09 - he'd managed to crash her and write her off. Aaargh. Oh well, at least no-one was hurt.

Sold Sept 07

Good News for someone, that's for sure: but Sad News for me. After 8 years of sheer driving pleasure, my Silver Machine's up for sale. When I bought her, I knew this would be a special car and I was never disappointed. Great fun to drive, a true "GT" sports car capable of B-road twisties through Snowdonia / Peak District etc as well as long-legged transcontinental blasts and the occasional track action - including, on one memorable occasion, beating one J Clarkson and the assembled ZClub up the Elvington drag strip. Video and assorted magazine coverage here. Plus being part of the record-breaking 167-car ZClub parade lap at the Japanese Tuning Show, Silverstone 3 June 2007.

I never skimped on regular maintenance - and even had her rebuilt after an accident. 8 years of proper servicing, proper maintenance and cosseting. Before the Silver Machine (latest pics here), I never kept a car for this long. But now, she needs a new home.


A couple of years ago my work commute changed. Back then, I drove all over the place but for the past few years, I've commuted to Staples Corner, NW2 in London from just west of Heathrow. I get a few miles of actual driving but when I hit the A40 / Hangar Lane / North Circular it turns into a stop-start traffic jam from hell. One recent (Aug 07) particularly bloody morning, it took three hours to drive 20 miles.

This is not the right environment for a manual 280bhp twin turbo sports car. I feel like complete git subjecting a thoroughbred to this and my left knee complains regularly. I know it's only a standard clutch but the traffic's a bitch and my left knee was somewhat damaged when I parked a Kawasaki on it a couple of decades ago. Never been the same since.


I bought a 300ZX NA Auto which, fingers crossed so far, is a great solution. Not quite so much heat generated while sitting still plus my left knee loves not having to do any work. OK, it's not quite as rapid out of the blocks and I don't get the turbo rush anymore but there wasn't a lot of opportunity on the North Circular anyway.

Which means I need to sell my Silver Machine - so if you want to buy the only 300ZX in the world provably faster than Jeremy Clarkson, get in touch!


  • Manufactured March 1990
  • UK G Plate
  • 234,452km as at 1 Sept 2007 (= 145,452m)
  • Series 1 Manual Twin Turbo
  • Targa, 2+2
  • Almost entirely stock, no bodged mods
  • 102,079 UK miles in 8 years = av 12,760 miles per year
  • All UK Service History, bills since then. £17,261 on maintenance and £5,990 on servicing up to the end of 2006.


  • Taxed to Jan 2008
  • MOTed to Jan 2008
  • One owner (me) since UK import first registered August 1999.

Non-Stock Items

  • Mongoose Stainless Steel exhaust (4 pipes - 2 each side, similar to stock)
  • Clear side repeaters
  • 99-spec rear lights
  • JDM moulded mudflaps
  • Aug 06 - Mirage Air - converted to H134a Aircon gas including new receiver/dryer, replace leaky hose
  • Aug 06 - ZTech - waterhose bypass (to solve leak)
  • Aug 99 - Audio Car Electrics - fit Cat 1 Alarm system

Regular Service History

  • May 07 - MJP - A Service
  • Jan 07 - DPN (Dan Perkins Nissan) - B Service
  • Aug 06 - DPN - A Service
  • Jan 06 - DPN - C Service, front and rear pads, wiper blades
  • Aug 05 - DPN - A Service
  • Mar 05 - DPN - B Service
  • Sep 04 - DPN - A Service
  • Aug 04 - new spark plugs as part of major plenum-off stuff below
  • May 04 - DPN - C Service
  • Nov 03 - DPN - A Service
  • May 03 - DPN - coolant check, radiator cap, rear brake pads
  • Apr 03 - DPN - B Service
  • Oct 02 - DPN - A Service, brake pipe, clutch master cylinder
  • Aug 02 - front brake pads
  • Apr 02 - DPN - C Service
  • Nov 01 - DPN - A Service
  • May 01 - DPN - B Service, new front discs, front & rear pads, new tailgate struts, new tripmeter
  • Dec 00 - DPN - A Service
  • Jun 00 - DPN - C Service (oops - only needed an A)
  • Feb 00 - DPN - C Service
  • Aug 99 - Rebuck (DPN) - A Service, replace timing belts


  • Jun 07 - MJP - remove plenum chamber to inspect and repair oil leak, remove valve covers and replace gaskets / sealant, turbo water hoses, replace radiator mount
  • Feb 07 - Protyre - 4 wheel align
  • Jan 07 - MJP - MOT - replace steering rack gaiter; dismantle, clean, reset handbrake shoes; check HICAS; pressure test cooling system; replace rear shock absorbers
  • Dec 06 - ZTech - replace collapsed cats (s/h), wheel bearing
  • Jul 06 - ZTech - replace aircon pump (s/h)
  • Jun 06 - Ztech - replace heater matrix, power steering pump (recon by CDR)
  • Nov 05 - ZTech - replace clutch booster, underseal where stripped in engine compartment
  • Nov 05 - ZTech - replace clutch
  • Oct 05 - Zen Garage - new uprated oil cooler from MJP
  • Apr 05 - DPN - replace clutch master cylinder
  • Mar 05 - DPN - replace clutch slave cylinder
  • Jan 05 - Zedworld - rectify power steering fluid leak, new battery, check fuel pipes, air hoses, suspension - OK
  • Aug 04 - major plenum-off prompted by need to replace knock sensor. So while doing that, had the following done at the same time: spark plugs, cam belt, other belts, thermostat, O2 sensors both sides, all gaskets, knock sensor sub-harness, coil-pack connectors, head temp sensor
  • May 04 - new prop-shaft. Hooray, transmission vibration solved at last! Plus rear HICAS rod & boot, powersteering hose
  • Jan 04 - new oil pressure sensor
  • Aug 03 - nearside window regulator, s/h aircon hose/valve assembly, new clutch master cylinder
  • Jun 03 - Euro-spec 2000 - cam belt, water pump, thermostat, idler pulleys, tensioners, aux belts, PCV valves, fuel regulators, suspension top links.
  • Dec 02 - repair driver door lock (servo)
  • Jun 02 - Zedworld - throttle body clean, check all round and report
  • May 02 - Xoticar - fit Mongoose s/s exhaust, HICAS ball joint, inner steering link, prop-shaft centre bearing
  • May 02 - DPN - new brake master cylinder
  • Mar 02 - V Tech - new rear gearbox mount
  • Jun 01 - DPN - new ignition amplifier, filters, door lock cable, radiator cap
  • Apr 01 - Autoprop - new ujs for propshaft, rebalance
  • Feb 00 - DPN - new clutch, clutch bearing, rear crank seal


  • May 07 - MJP - Repaint rear bumper after rear-end. Again. Thank God for polyurethane.
  • Sep 05 - Metallicka - Repaint rear bumper after ding.
  • Oct 03 - G Bellamy - rebuild right hand side and full respray after accident. New parts included front wing, rear quarter, rear lower corner, 99-spec rear lights, rear spoiler, windscreen cowl, number plate support. Plus s/h front bumper, rear bumper, aerial. Plus rejig on Shark machine.