I've Got A Silver Machine

or... Can You Have Too Much Silver?

Clear Side Repeaters

At my first 300zx meet (Solihull 02), I saw another silver 300ZX with some nice touches - particuarly clear side repeaters. So I bought a pair - thanks, Smithy. They needed a bit of buggering around (only had holes for a two prong bulbholder when my bulbholders had three prongs - and the self tappers needed re-screwing else the units simply flapped in the breeze) but do bring a large amount of silver where before there was only orange.

Clear Front Indicators

In search of yet more silvery-ness, I posted a thread on the forum and got lots of good advice. Thanks Danny, Allan and Robb.

I also found a document originally from www.z32.com on Andy P's site. Here's the relevant page. (How to fully clear out your Japanese OEM clear corners).

Here's a couple of pics and suggestions from when I did mine.

I tried the soldering iron trick first - well, a technically competent mate of mine (thanks, Nige) did.

Bit fiddly and the risk is melting the plastic body.

Next he tried a hole-saw. Result!

With the hole cut in the far end of the orange bit (don't press too hard or you'll follow through and scratch the clear lens), gently tap the remainder of the orange bit until it comes away from the metal reflector and rattles around the inside of the indicator unit.

Then take your tin snips poke 'em through into the indicator and jiggle things around until you can start to cut away at (now loose) the orange dome. After a few cuts, you'll be able to take it out piece by piece (gynaecologists have an unfair advantage).

Two other points:

If you rinse the inside of the unit to remove the last vestige of orange plastic dust and chips, the water gets into all sorts of places inside the moulding and it is a bugger to dry out properly. I had to turn the central heating up and leave them on the radiator for a couple of hours after 10 minutes with the hairdryer hadn't worked.

The silver bulb place, Powerbulbs, recommended to file off one of the locating pins. Silver bulbs have slightly offset locating pins compared to clear (normal) bulbs. I just took some needle-nosed pliers and gently bent the bulb holder just enough (a mere tweakette) to allow the offest pin to be pushed down an into place with a nice satisfying "click". (Can I get them out again? FK!)

Well, there you go. I have been seduced by the dark side and taken the first steps to making my beautiful baby non-stock. Shock Horror!