Jeff TT's Headlight Modification

or, Hi-Ho Silver Lining...

Many of us have realised that the standard dip beams are, not to put too fine a point on it, a bit c**p. A bit of searching turned up a couple of potential mods to address this. A popular one appears to be the "bacofoil" (not really) mod written up and done by Jeff TT of Zedworld.

Just about everyone who has had it done, raves about the extra performance. The jury is out as to whether the extra light comes from the silver lining, cleaning the reflectors, glass etc or the higher power bulbs.

For looks, I think it looks great on dark cars - possibly something to do with the contrast. However, I am less certain about what it would look like on a silver car. So I mocked it up using pics of Jeff's real car (which has been modded) and mine (which hasn't). These pics are below for your info.

I haven't made up my mind yet. Hey, it's a matter of taste - if you like it, just do it!

headlight mockup, high angle

And from a slightly different angle.

headlight mockup, low angle

On the matter of the bulbs, I have heard of tests which showed that the 100w bulb gets too hot for the housing so I am a little nervous about that. As a compromise, I ordered some 85w bulbs from Leigh's group buy and will post something when I have some results (but it is coming up to summer, so...).Being Japanese Spec, these should already have the extra wire needed, so that's a bonus.