Z Dyno Day at Surrey Rolling Road

Organised by Jay and attended by a bunch of 350Zs, a slightly smaller but much better looking bunch of 300ZXs (both Z32s and a cool blue Z31) and an outstanding 260Z.

A sunny October Saturday in 2005, on an industrial estate in Camberley

Best Zed: trophy by Jay, prize sponsored by Xtendperformance

Nope, no expensive noises yet.

A particularly fine line-up of Zeds.

Tony260z from www.zclub.net and his shiny red 260Z chosen as Best Zed by Charlie and Dan of Surrey Rolling Road. It may not have been the most powerful but it definitely made the most gorgeous straight-six noise!

Starting to panic...

tightening the tie-downs...

cooling fan in place and fingers firmly crossed...

Actually, Charlie and Dan made sure it all went smoothly. The clutch held out even though it was on its last legs and they didn't spot any problems with the engine. Phew. 218hp at the wheels. Oddly, my car, like the other two stock Zeds there, was overfuelling which restricted power. However, a click of the stylus on my ecuXtend to cut fuel injector timing to 90% and we get 234hp at the wheels which means, according to DynoDynamics, 284.8hp at the flyhweel. Not bad for a 15 year old stock Zed :)

Dyno charts including air/fuel ratio, boost and torque here.