What is the collective noun?

According to my photo store, I hadn't turned out at a Zed meet since the Silverstone bash in Jun 2007. Let's hope it won't be another 4 years untill the next one.

Nice run round the M25.Well, "nice" is perhaps the wrong word. "Not appaling" would be a better phrase. Odd to think I used to commute this from Bracknell to Brentwood every day.

Anyway, a visit to poorly Aunt with a freshly-fitted pacemaker just up the road provided a perfect excuse to drop in to the regular monthly meeting of the SEKZ group of the ZClub. Couple of people I knew (hello Mike) and most I didn't but lovely Zeds all round.

See you next time, chaps and chapesses.


Oh, this is at the Halfway House on the A127 near Brentwood. See ZClub for details.