Bolney Japanese Car Meet 16 Mar 2002

OK Guys n Gals - I met Warren, Leigh and MarcZXT on the day. Since then Bubonic and Twin Turbo have ID'ed their cars. Hi Guys, sorry we missed etc etc.

So that leaves the red Zed in the background of Twin Turbo's pic and the dark blue/black one on it's own.

There might have been more pics but I forgot to flush the memory of my digital camera. It was very good value but it was so cheap that it has no (rpt - NO) display. So there is no way to look at / discard pics to free up memory once you've left home. Wish me better luck next time.

If anyone else wants their car namechecked here, e-mail me to let me know which one it was.

Bolney3.jpg Bolneymar02panorama.jpg Bubonic.jpg Leigh.jpg marczxt_and_Gio.jpg Twin_Turbo_and__X.jpg