And In Reverse Order...

What articles and updates have happened? Is this list accurate?

3 June 2011
Added the audio wiring page (more to come) and some pages on the new Series 6: story. differences, protection. Updated a few links and a page on Monty's Wheels and Tyres - fine chaps.

Zed #2 For Sale - 22 May 2011
The 1993 Series 3 Blue NA Auto I bought to replace the Silver Machine (I suppose I'll have to retrospectively rename as Silver Machine 1) is now for sale. The Genuine Reason For Sale is Silver Machine #2. A rare Series 6 1999 model.

Bloody Menus - May 2011
A quick update to put Zed number 2 up for sale lead to a bit of html headbanging to get righ of the insanely complicated nested templates in Dreamweaver. Found a collabsible menu script whic hpromised much and sort of works but, as you notice, the bloody icons are inconsistent. Maybe I'll have time to track that down and fix when I retire...

She was For Sale - 2009
After 8 years and 100,000 miles, the Silver Machine got sold and then ... written off. Oh Dear.

The Wheel Police - 3 Aug 2007
Stock wheels are left and right handed; plus which is wider: a UK rear tyre or a Jspec? The answer is not what you would think.

A Media Page - Aug 2007
Should have done this as it happened but I suppose better late than never. And the video of my Silver Machine beating J Clarkson. There is justice for Zeds, after all.

Say Hello To LEO: My New Zed - July 2007
From a Silver TT Manual to a Blue NA Auto. Just the ticket for those North Circular traffic jams - and the mpg's better as well.

My Zed in 2007 - 3 July 2007
A new page showing what she's like in 2007 - and maybe (if work gets boring this week) some new pics from SIlverstone and other meets.

Standard Tyre Pressures - 13 Feb 2007
It's taken a few years but I finally worked out that a) JDM and UK/Euro cars have different wheel/tyre sizes at the rear and b) the pressures are the same. Here's how.

What's HICAS? - 13 Jan 2007
What your rear-wheel steering does and how. More accurate than Wikipedia. Plus a new graphic in the page header since my numberplate is now in the right place (and the front bumper is once more correctly painted).

Big Redesign - 30 May 2005
I wanted to redesign to get the site simple to navigate (for visitors) and to update (using Dreamweaver). W3C validation is also important and might get done one of these days.

The Shining - 25 Nov 2003
OK, so I still haven't done the site redesign / update. But I have done something about headlight bulbs and being able to see in the dark which might be of use to someone ;)

Nissan Parts Charge Fiasco - 19 May 2002 - Update 25 May 2002
This may now have changed - reports of parts charge being lifted. Watch this space. Check out the background on this site.

Major Site Upgrade - 12 May 2002
Having found out how to do frames, did a big rework to improve the look a tad and also make navigation easier. Hopefully. Also added a bunch of stuff in no particular order: What style of exhaust looks good?, What does Jeff TT's headlight upgrade look like?, There's a Fan in the roof?, updated some pics of clear side repeaters and indicators and lastly added a links page. Phew. Enjoy.

The Horton Meet - 27 April 2002
Was originally called the Slough Meet when Leigh got it off the ground but since we ended up at the Five Bells in Horton, it would be unfair on Horton to keep calling that. Anyway, you know what John Betjeman said: "Come, friendly bombs and fall on Slough...".He was right. IMHO.

Z Chassis Numbers
Which chassis number goes with which model. GZ32, GCZ32 etc.

300ZX Meet at The Boat Inn, Solihull, 30 Mar 2002
Thanks, Danny - good one. 34 ZXs and even more nice people.

Propshaft Vibrations
The continuing story of drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Pictures from Bolney Japanese Car Meet Sat 16 March 2002
Exactly what it says on the tin.
Plenty of links to good info: buyer's guides, tech tips etc - and a great forum.
Caters for all Datsun / Nissan Zs and ZXs. Also UK based.

Gio's ZX
My baby. Call me Mr Stock.

Stillen GTZ and SMZ
info supplied by those nice people at after someone asked a question on a thread on the forum.