How to open and close the hood.

I found this in the glovebox of my convertible Aug 2019.

open 300zx hood

Scanned pdf is here.

As far as I can translate and test here's what it says:

(As with any convertible hood, be careful, cautious, don't force anything: and fold it / unfold it carefully - if you have to force it, you're doing it wrong and something needs fixing. Don't damage anything by use of force - or, indeed, doing anything wrong.)


  1. Release top windscreen handles L & R (thumb latch and pull handle to right angles from hood frame)
  2. Bottom button behind driver's seat to release hood from storage lid.
  3. Lift back of hood to vertical (hinges forward).
  4. Top button behind driver's seat to release storage lid from car body.
  5. Pull storage lid backward (the oval handles can be fragile).
  6. When fully back, tilt front edge of the lid upward so the (now-vertical) hood can be laid back underneath the lid normal position.
  7. Gently pull the hood back from the front and collapse down into the space under the lid. The front part of the hood folds nearly completely backwards.
    1. Fold the rear window with care - don't crack it (especially when cold - best not drop the hood then to avoid damage).
  8. Push the hood frame down into the retaining locks either side - there will be a click.
  9. Return the hood handles from 90 deg back (as when released) back to normal position (pointing forwards).
  10. Slide the storeage lid cover gently back down the wheeled guides and latch it back down either side.

If you've managed to do that, there won't be a "open door" warning light on the dash.Enjoy the drive!

And now putting it back up again:

close 300zx hood


  1. Top button (behind driver's seat) to release storage lid from car body,
  2. Pull storage lid up at the back toward the rear (the oval handles will be fragile) and then, when fully back, tilt the front edge upward to near-vertical.
  3. Pull the button release (looks a bit like the top of a golf tee - pull up) behind the driver's seat to release the hood frame.
  4. Use the hood latches to release hood handles both sides and swivel them to open position (check the actual hooks that connect the hood to the windscreen top each side).
  5. Unfold the hood from the storage compartment carefully - there is a handle in the middle.It will "Z" upward and unfold back over toward the windscreen.
  6. Gently ensure the front edge of the hood is in position. You may need to reach outside and pull down carefully on the hood frame to make sure the hook (when you close the handle) latches properly with the connector in the top of the windscreen. If you don't, you either won't secure it or break the connector. These are difficult to replace (Z1 Performance and ConceptZ may have stock).
  7. Lift up the rear edge of the hood frame so you can slide the storage lid back down toward the front engaging its guide wheels in the channels.Latch the storage lid back down in position. There's a latch each side/ Don't scratch it if you're wearing any rings (or anything) when you push down.
  8. Now latch the hood frame back into the latches in the storage lid - same applies, be careful and one each side.

As with the opening procedure, get it right and there shouldn't be any "door open" warning light on the dashboard. You MUST make sure the top connector latches on the hood frame are secure in the connectors on the top of the windscreen frame. If not, DO NOT drive off until rectified - you don't want to risk the hood flying up at any speed -or at all.