Picked up on a sunny August day and drove it down to PowerZed in Bristol. Didn't risk taking the top down as I wasn't too sure how and wanted hear if there were any funny noises. Noticed the aircon wasn't working. Jimmer found the aircon condenser had been removed!

Work done by Jimmer at PowerZed Aug 19

  • Timing belt, pulleys, tensioners, water pump, thermostat.
  • Plugs
  • Filters and fluids
  • Aircon condenser, receiver dryer (thanks to ConceptZ)
  • Inspection of everything

On the list:

  • New DAB stereo
  • sort the bodged audio wiring (why do they always do that when adapters are available?)
  • centre console - new one on way (also convertible handles)
  • install subwoofer.
  • detail and protect the paintwork
  • get the peronal plate on - Gio rides again!