Could be titled "Support your local businesses... or pretty soon there won't be any left".

A few years ago, I stumbled across Monty's Wheels and Tyres in Iver while I was looking for a good tyre for my Silver Zed.

T: 0845 260 8991

I've had punctures, turned up unannounced, panicked over the phone and generally been a pain of a customer. Every time Paul and his son and their staff have solved the problem and got me on my way again with a smile and a chat.

Every time, they remember the special lifting points for the Zed without being reminded (the other lot bent my silver sills by not listening when I said " no stop, don't do that... aaargh, told you so.). They've repaired punctures right on the limit of the sidewall, tested tires I thought had a slow puncture (I hadn't - and without charge, too) and generally been top blokes.

Their prices for tyres are pretty much what you can get on the net and they can get hold of just about anything. They get stock from manufacturer importers and also from Micheldever Tyres so it's pretty much unlimited and, if they don't happen to have it, can usually get on next day delivery.

Why am I telling you this? Well, firstly because they are highly recommendable and you should know about a good supplier. Secondly because what is the point to buying from Blackcircles or whatever, having it delivered to your local fitter and paying the internet business plus the fitting charge - sounds like a headache when you could just give Monty's a bell and they'll sort the whole thing out at a competitive price.

Or you could give half the margin to the faceless national and pretty soon, when you need that extra service, you'll find your local helpful business has disappeared and you've ony got the national overall guys to fall back on.

If you're within striking distance of Iver (between Uxbridge and Slough), next time you want any tyres, or alloy wheels or want to get your wheels refurbed, use Monty's. You'll get better service than the net and won't be disappointed on price.

(You can buy online from them as well so the best of both worlds :) )